Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hair Trial

I will re-write this blog in more detail soon  buuuuut just in case you stumble upon it... DO NOT USE BRIDAL BEAUTY DETROIT!  They were 2 hours late on the wedding day because apparently they don't check traffic, lied about having jobs before clearly on the other side of Detroit and did a horrible job on my bridesmaids and mothers to the point they had to go to a different room and redo what was done.  They caused lots of tears... are delusional that they finished on time and did a good job and I do not recommend them.  I needed a refund too because they skipped to lash applications for my girls and 1/2 of my refund was a starbucks gift card... I am sorry but starbucks is not how I paid for my service and not how I expected my $ back.

Have I mentioned how The Knot has been my savior? <br>
I found BridalBeautyDetroit via The Knot and couldn't be happier!

They are going to send a team to my mother's house to do hair and make up for my girls, mother, mother in law and myself.... and hello affordable!

I took in this picture

and got this look.. its a little loose because it was just a trial and we were playing around with style but I think its a winner...

48 more days...

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